Fabian Wolf (*1982) is a freelance artist from Hamburg, Germany. His artworks show a dark and morbid meta level where death, transiency and remote spheres come together as one. He creates a unique universe inspired by the daily routine of the ordinary men, religion and current events of our time. He works with different materials and techniques, mostly ink and spray paint, but never limits himself. In an eerie and uncanny way he shows the abyss of man without getting lost in it by himself.



May 17, 2018 Group Exhibition 'CRISP!' at Heliumcowboy Artspace, Hamburg

June 5, 2018 Art Festival 'Millerntor Gallery 8' at Millerntor-Stadion, Hamburg


2017 'The Last Journey' at Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery, Copenhagen

2014 'Know Thyself' at P/ART, Hamburg

2012 'Death Lost His Bones In A Blind Alley' at Kingdrips Artspace, Hamburg



2017 'Pop Up i Store' Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery, Copenhagen 

2017 'Millerntor Gallery 7 ' at Millerntor-Stadion, Hamburg

2016 'Widerkunst' at Holzmarkt, Berlin

2016 Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

2016 'Millerntor Gallery 6' at Millerntor-Stadion, Hamburg

2016 '142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg' at Affenfaust-Galerie, Hamburg

2016 'Cyan / Anthracite' at Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

2015 'Brave New Worlds' at Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

2015 Knotenpunkt 15, Hamburg

2015 'Dark Days' at Galerie Wolfsen, Aarhus

2015 'Millerntor Gallery 5' at Millerntor-Stadion, Hamburg

2015 '60 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg' at Affenfaust-Galerie, Hamburg

2015 'Das eigene Ich' at Affenfaust-Galerie, Hamburg

2015 'Tese & Friends' at Kingdrips Artspace, Hamburg

2014 Knotenpunkt 14, Hamburg

2014 'Millerntor Gallery 4' at Millerntor-Stadion, Hamburg

2014 'Katzen gehen immer' at Affenfaust-Galerie, Hamburg

2013 'We Love 8Bit' at Island Gallery, Hamburg

2011 'The Helping Hounds Of Hell 2' at Berlin Art Projects Gallery, Berlin

2009 'Kingdrips' at 72-Hours-Gallery, Hamburg

2009 'The Helping Hounds Of Hell' at Neurotitan, Berlin

2009 'Crash At The Beach' at Kingdrips Artspace, Hamburg

2008 '5 Years Anniversary Show' at Heliumcowboy Artspace, Hamburg

2006 'Friends With You | The 1st (Authorized) Bootleg Show!' at Heliumcowboy Artspace, Hamburg


2016 Christies – Vivienne Westwood & Fabian Wolf, Drawing on paper

2016 ebay – Tony Hawk & Fabian Wolf, Hand-painted skateboard     



2012 'Death Lost His Bones In A Blind Alley' – Illustrated book, 104 pages

2012 'You See Dogs' – Fanzine, 36 pages



2017 'Art Nordic' – Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery

2016 'Art Basel Miami' – Millerntor Gallery

2016 'Affordable Artfair Hamburg' – Millerntor Gallery

2015 'Affordable Artfair Hamburg' – Affenfaust Galerie



2016 Art print for Viva con Agua, Affordable Artfair

2016 Art installation at Bullerei, Hamburg

2016 Art print – Clueso

2016 Art print for FC St. Pauli

2013 Custom guitar for LeFly


Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery
Kirke Værløsevej 26A
3500 Værløse


Lars Egeris lars@coag.dk 
Kristine Kimø kristine@coag.dk 




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